2024 The Eleventh China (Jinan) Green Building
And Prefabricated Building Exhibition
2024.04.16 - 18
Shandong International Exhibition Center

1. Green building materials

Building thermal insulation and structural integration technical products, ALC board, various thermal insulation materials, exterior wall decorative board, thermal insulation and decorative integrated board, concrete block, waterproof material, thermal insulation coating, roof system and materials, waterproof and thermal insulation integration, dry mixed mortar, etc.

2. Smart construction site and smart building exhibition zone

Monitor system monitor system for monitor system, monitor and control system for energy consumption, BIM, environmental monitoring and dust suppression, haze spray linkage control system, labor information collection and access control system, tower crane construction lift equipment monitor system, site Internet remote video monitoring system, dust emission noise monitoring system; Dust and noise reduction equipment; Smart construction and other supporting facilities. Information facility system, intelligent building management, building control system, computer room engineering, intelligent community management, public safety prevention, fire protection system and products.

3. Low energy consumption building and green and healthy housing

Passive doors and windows, thermal insulation, fresh air heat recovery, energy-saving HVAC, glass, ceramics, rock plate, five constant system, zero carbon building, integration of assembly, construction and installation, green technology decoration materials, indoor air lifting and detection, etc.

4. Construction machinery, Engineering machinery

Cement and cement products machinery, glass fiber machinery, new building materials machinery, asphalt production machinery and equipment, building ceramics machinery, prefabricated building PC assembly line equipment, green construction technology and equipment, construction robots, pipe fittings, pipes and valves.

5. Prefabricated building

PC components, steel structure, wood structure, integral kitchen and bathroom, prefabricated house, interior parts, prefabricated supporting products.

6. Sponge city and comprehensive pipe gallery

Permeable brick, rainwater collection, rainwater quality treatment, prefabricated comprehensive pipe gallery.

7. Floor

Floor materials, cement-based aggregate wear-resistant floor, concrete floor equipment and raw materials, floor machinery, floor maintenance agent and maintenance materials, cleaning equipment.

8. Green Finance

Green credit, green bonds, environmental information disclosure of listed companies, green fund, green insurance and carbon finance.