2024 The Eleventh China (Jinan) Green Building
And Prefabricated Building Exhibition
2024.04.16 - 18
Shandong International Exhibition Center

1. Government authorities

Domestic housing construction, planning, quality supervision, supervision, approval and other competent departments.

2. Investment and financing platform

Jinan urban construction, Jinan financial holding, Jinan cultural tourism, rail transit, Yinfeng investment, Jinan west investment, energy investment, Jinan old investment, Lixia holding, provincial commercial investment, Shandong State owned assets holding and other major domestic investment and financing platforms.

3. Design unit

Tianhua, Tianyou, Tongyuan, Civil Institute, public institute, Beiyang, David, Municipal Institute, Provincial Architectural Design Institute, Tongji Research Institute, Municipal Planning Institute, urban and Rural Planning Institute and other major design units in China.

4. Real estate development unit

Vanke, rongchuang, Greenland, Longhu, country garden, China Resources, Evergrande, gold, Zhonghai, Tianhong, Jinmao, Xuhui yinshengtai, Haier, Lushang and other major domestic real estate enterprises.

5. Construction unit

China Railway, CSCEC, MCC, Tianyuan, Tianqi, Qingjian, liaojian, Yanjian, Dejian, hezian, Weijian, Changda, expressway, Shuifa, road and bridge, Jinan No.1 Construction, Jinan No.2 construction, Jinan Sanjian, Jinan No.4 construction, Shandong Construction Engineering, Zhongqi Jiaojian, Jiaotong construction and other major domestic general contracting units.

6. Hospital

Provincial hospitals, Qilu Hospital, Qianfo Mountain hospital, Provincial Traditional Chinese medicine, the second hospital of Shandong University, provincial cancer hospital, children's Hospital, maternal and child health hospital, Stomatology Hospital, chest hospital, ophthalmology hospital and other major hospitals in the province.

In addition, we will also invite major industry associations, scientific research institutions, decoration engineering companies, dealers and leading upstream and downstream enterprises of the industry to visit and participate in the conference.