2024 The Eleventh China (Jinan) Green Building
And Prefabricated Building Exhibition
2024.04.16 - 18
Shandong International Exhibition Center

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the exhibition, this notice is hereby sent to all exhibitors. Please read the following carefully in your busy schedule.

Booth charge

Fine standard booth: 8000 yuan / piece,

Ordinary standard booth (3m * 3m): 7000 yuan / piece

Raw Space: 700 yuan / ㎡. The enterprise needs to design, decorate and build it by itself

Conference charge: 800 yuan / person, including conference materials, lunch during the conference, etc

Value added services

1. Invite target buyers for exhibitors based on one-to-one ;

2. Make pre exhibition publicity materials such as easy enterprise show for exhibitors;

3. Provide exhibitors with on-site promotion venues free of charge;

4. Provide year-round project docking services for exhibitors.

◎ venue address

Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center (Huaiyin District, Jinan)

◎ exhibitor registration

You can get the exhibitor's certificate and other relevant information at the entrance exhibitor registration office.

2022.06.01   08:00 - 17:00

Please consult the site management office at the entrance.

◎ cleaning

The organizer will clean the passageways, public areas and standard booths of the exhibition hall. The cleaning in the raw space shall be the responsibility of the contractor designated by you.

◎ smoking

Smoking is prohibited in the exhibition hall.

◎ noise control

The sound emitted by various audio equipment shall not exceed 75 dB.